Bad "likely fill" prices for c2 system

I am subscribed to a system where the “fill prices” as reported by c2 do not match the limit price in the signal.

For example, today there was a signal that says buy to open @ESH1 at 1322.75. This price was touched. Turned out to be the low price of the day.

Why does c2 say “Likely fill @1323.50 09:30”. That’s 3 ticks higher than the limit price.

This was not the first time it has happen. On 02/24/2011, there was an order to exit a short at limit 1305 and c2 says “Likely fill @1306.25” which is 5 ticks higher.


C2 policy is that we change the fill prices we display on this site to reflect the actual real-life fills received by AutoTraders in their real brokerage account.

In your system’s case, the order in question was filled at a Gen1 AutoTrade broker with slippage. We therefore automatically changed the fill price to reflect the price your subscriber really received.

This can happen when your limit orders are just-touched (i.e. when the limit price you choose is not market-clearing, and the price is hit by some people, but not by your subscribers).

As you get more subscribers and more AutoTraders, the fill prices will converge and slippage will be much lower. For now, you have only one subscriber AutoTrading using Gen1, where slippage can sometimes be a bit higher than what is achieved using Gen3.