Be careful

Anytime you deal with people in this industry you must assume the worst. Sounds horrible doesnt it? Well, I am telling you that I have been in the biz since Feb 1997 and I know what im talking about. Take EVERYTHING you read or see with a grain of salt and do your own DD. The old used up cliche of “its it seems to good to be true it is” holds up better in the trading arena than anywhere else. Ask yourself this question before subscribing to a system. “If this system is so good why would someone want to share it?”

Now that does not mean that there arent any fine, robust and profitable systems here. What I means is that if returns are astronomical then its one of three things. 1. There is a true “edge” (mkt inefficiency) involved. A. the creator does not have enough cap to trade it up big time until the edge is gone. B. the creator is to dim to realize what they have.

2. The system has been highly optimized and will not stand the test of time. 3. The creator is trading way to large for their account size and has been lucky for now. But luck ends and trading big will eventually bite you in the behind.

Choices 2 or 2 are likely…so be careful folks. My advice it if a system catches your eyes follow it. Watch it trade for at least 100 trades. Then subscribe if it suits your taste and portfolio. Then paper trade it for another 100 trades. And then run it realtime. Good luck

Sorry, I was trying to post this at the end of the previous topic to address a prospective subsribers concerns.

You, are wise beyond your years. I could not agree more with what you say.

As for me I have a system posted on this sight, ( I dont want to use your reply string to advertise it) but the reasons I have it on here,

1 ) I want and encourage the feedback on how my creation is doing.

2) Why wouldnt I want to share what I know with others? If, I can help others acheive their goals, all the better for us all.

3) For all practical purposes, this websight is one big competition. Who has the best results? Who has the most subcribers? who has the largest gains per day? I love the competition part, keeps us all on our toes looking for the best investments.