Thank You, Matthew

Dear Matthew,

Thank you for allowing the “colorful” posts on this board. When I first read some of them, I was appalled and thought you should remove them from the board. Then I realized that these posts are the only evidence some investors might see that some of the advisors should not be trusted. This is valuable information that does not necessarily come out in the track record, although I suspect it will eventually come out there as well.

And thank you for the professionalism you display in your responses to such individuals. Finally, thank you for all the hard work you are obviously putting into this website.



Just some comments: messages posted in “frustration” should not be taken very seriously. The “frustration” usually passes if the person does not hold a grudge forever and realizes the “reality” of the situation.

Abe lincoln said “charity for all and malice towards none”. The reality is that we can’t expect charity from all. All businessmen know that it takes money to make money. Patience is the key in any business venture. I think it was a good suggestion to consider creating and trading a system here as a “home business” and to get the tax break for it.

One should also consider the invaluable lesson learnt by walk-forward testing their system in a hypothetical real-time environment not to mention the 3rd party track-record generated. A good system really doesn’t need any subscribers. If somebody thinks that their system is as good as they claim, the average profit (Win) per trade may become greater than most subscription, especially if the profit factor (W:L Ratio) of the system is greater than 3.0 We might just as well trade it in real-life and laugh all the way to the bank. Just my opinion.

rgds, Pal