Be warned GiGo3 developer not responding

Be warned GiGo3 strategy developer is not responding to me. He has surpassed his previous drawdown now by serval points. Current un-realized loss as of this morning was $3800.00 I sent him in email a few days ago and he is not responding. I sent the following when the loss was much less. “Good morning. Can you tell me your thoughts on the trade we are in now? With the average win being barely $90 if we take this huge loss that’s 16 winning trades we will have to do to make up for this based upon average win. Of $88. What’s the plan here? Thanks “ I checked and he has been on line since I sent this massage. I also sent a message just wanting him to explain how he manages stop loss and no response.

a lot of developers are only here to take subscriber money. this guy in particular probably doesn’t even check emails. NQ is very hard to trade sometimes it can move 150pts a day. just cut the loss and move on.

I was following. Get out now and stay away from this trading system as I did.

TT3 thanks for the advice, I already did that. marekj well said learning lesson again. Each month over the last year I learn something new and understand more.

Marek, I always like to read your smart and simple to understand comments :clap:


Also note the high win/loss, 96.3%, indicating almost for sure that strategy is taking many little wins and some huge losses, wiping out all previous wins and some. In my experience, stay away from strategies with extremely high win/loss.
Also have a look at Gigo2 and Gigo1.

Stay away, No risk management whatsoever.

Very disappointed. After losing a chunk of change on the VOL strats, i was looking for a system with small gains & losses ( tight stops ). Looking through recent history, this system seemed to fit the bill. Joined the 1st week in August & made a few hundred before he decided to short the NQ. I figured he knew what he was doing & we had a few weeks to go before expiration, but we just kept bleeding $.
In the end, I’m out 3 GRAND. I know I have no one to blame but myself, but his historical trades left me no reason to believe THIS was going to happen. Unsubscribed & moving on. Make your own stops if you decide to join.

TOS only from on …

To having TOS is a great idea but don’t blind only that Title. Pay attention what instruments do they use, especially naked options and Volatility products. Many example, from DD less than 10% become DD 60%. Let me give example for what was happening last month, Augst ’ 17. From consistent profit for more than 12 months become big lost in 1 day. Be careful with high return, that’s also showing big risk. Good luck

I sort out those with long history, low DD, good win ratio and TOS… that comes down to only few of them…

I have no knowledge of how TOS works really, are there ways to not report the losses …etc

Be sure to put your own stop loss at all times to prevent big loss

My systems are TOS and as far as I know there is no way to hide losses of a strategy itself. However, the developer could for example trade an aggressive Futures system so only the signals for Futures are tracked at C2. So in practice the developer could hedge his trades with futures-options in the same account. So if everything goes well he has a nice track record here whereas when the system fails he probably doesnt lose much due to the “invisible” hedge. However, the track record at C2 would show the full loss of the futures. So I wouldnt call it hiding of losses but rather getting free shots at a wonderful track reckord.

You may want to keep that in mind when looking at high flyers that are TOS with a short track record.

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My system Regular Income ( is 100% TOS as well. I always enter trades using the C2 web page “Trade Entry” right after I checked the live option prices in my linked Interactive Brokers account using their Trader Workstation (TWS). After entering the limit orders at C2 I check if they get executed in my linked autotrading account.
Going this way gives me the confirmation that my subscribers get the same orders executed as myself.
As the C2 autotrading software is syncing the positions in the linked account with the C2 system model account, I don’t know how I should hide losses.

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