Going to let the story books write this one. Best of luck

I think it’s good to keep market awareness at a forefront on the C2 forums for all intents and purposes. Without it, people can and will lose money. Keeping score of the top systems and having dialogue about it is never a bad thing!

Thanks guys for all the shared experiences brought onto here from each and every one of you. Best wishes trading, trade wisely, and size accurately and you’ll do alright in the end :slight_smile: Cheers

Description states the developer is willing to take drawdowns of 600-800 pips. With average wins of only 20-30 pips… good luck. It’s simple math. “Conserv” Profit… lol.

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Yeeea. I am beginning to find out that it isn’t that good risk/reward lol

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Yeah, I went from $15500 to $16900.00 in two months and now down to $13,300.00.

If you only make 20-30 pips per winner and are willing to take 600-800 dradown/loser… simple math.

Look at Zip4x as a reference. Winning trades avg $4,000, Losing traders avg $110,000. And that’s with 91% winners. That strategy needs to win 100% of the time. Simple math.

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I auto-traded it (with additional protections - setting max contracts and a fixed stop) at the beginning of the month, for one week, then stopped.

Pulling stops - averaging down - turning a trade that was supposed to be held 1-2 days to over a week just to avoid taking a loss - those are tell tell signs something is wrong, and on top of that his communications with subs clearly shows lack of consistency as he sometimes expresses regret about his own steps (for example too large positions) and promises “not to do it anymore”. This is an amateurish way of trading.

Technically - entries have some merit, as in other oversold / overbought mean reversion systems, but any advantage there quickly disappears when he stubbornly refuses to take a loss.
Fundamentally - entries are sometimes effected by his macro views on the market. In those cases, again, when he is proven wrong, averaging down takes place until he is forced to take larger losses.

Needless to say I will not auto trade it again and will not renew my subscription (although reading his announcements can be some form of entertainment).


Jcasesa -

C2 shows the volume-weighted-average price of a multi-legged trade. Click “Show Order Details” to see the individual legs that make up the entry price.

Glad there are other people experiencing it and I am not just plain crazy.

That 88% win rate is a draw to many people, but being live in the trade as him and to see what I saw is to say amateur at the very least. Some trades hold such ridiculous draw down that I can’t believe myself in 14 years of trading I am blindly following this ‘bs’ because of that high win rate number. The explanations I get through PM are all revolving around macro forces, but who trades that way? The best traders I know, know that technicals / entry exit / risk reward are what make the trades great. This guy uses none or hardly any of that sort and I , like many of you have lost countless amounts of dollars believing in this "phony’ number that looks good on paper, but doesn’t trade well and how C2 or Matthew Klein can allow such a system with such a stupid draw down limit is beyond. It’s like saying, "Hey,

You will eventually win the market one day when it turns around you 300 points because just by holding through sheer time, it probably won’t go to 0, so there’s a chance it will at least turn around some time and if we make 20 points off that, then we are winners!"

Bull shit man. Just saying. I think more people need to come out about this system because I know I am not the only one here voicing it.

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This is expected for most Forex systems. Nothing surprising. What really boggles my mind is seeing several subs putting in around $400,000-$500,000 into the system.


Wow. Where do you find that?

Got this broadcast at 8:36 PM on 3/26: "USDJPY trades were actually close 4:42PM Friday. the market closes at 5:00 pm. C2 is showing the trades closed and also showing them open…which tells me everyone didn’t get the signal or their broker closes before 5pm EST. Please check with your broker…I’d hang with the trade at this point…110 is a large support…but will leave it up to you "

and this broadcast 3/24 at 5:04 PM: “update…after some thought I exited the JPY trades with some profit”

As Matthew’s screenshot above shows, the USD/JPY trades are still open. Can C2 confirm that the 4 USD/JPY from 3/24 did have STC signals sent on Friday, that were for some unfortunate reason not transmitted to subscribers? I use Tradebullet which is broker agnostic and I am surprised that I did not receive the close signal mentioned.

As an aside, C2 should keep accessible logs on broadcasts that are sent. It is a problem when support cannot pull up past broadcasts on a system to diagnose miscellaneous issues with systems, because they “see the same information you see.”

So someone is to blame here. Because clearly the 88% win rate is not all that clear.

Now it shows he took 2 more longs out on USD/JPY. So the trades never did close. SMH

I shut this down and took the hit. I didn’t monitor this system closely enough and paid the price. My bad. Even with a max contract limit set, the system has quickly taken an axe to my account.

If anyone has been around long enough, this system reminds me of a grid trading EA called Blessing 3. Like all grid strategies, that has an excellent return profile until it didn’t. The only way to trade systems like this is to remove your original investment when the account doubles (if that ever happens). Of course, you need to first hope you don’t start the system before the markets start to trend.

…And anyone in that position will soon be posting on this thread :laughing:

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Exactly and to think I was just the only unlucky one. I am sure many will come soon. This guy is kind of a scam to be honest. The results don’t match the rhetoric, and the results definitely definitely don’t match the %'s one bit. Thankfully, I didn’t lose more lol or I would be sounding a high alarm even louder. I hate to see people lose money, as I have much of it in the past on C2, but this “promising” system is nothing more than a way to gather money from us and pay his bank account. No question in the world about whether he trades his system or not, he does not. I do not believe it, hence the lack of TOS badge verification on the page. Buyer Beware!!!

The problem (or one of the problems) is the system is willing to take larger drawdowns that the developer. If only the drawdown was 600-800 pips. Moving the stops on a losing trade is not going to yield long-term results…

Its clear many traders dont know what win rate means .


Are you insinuating I don’t? Because when one takes more losers than winners, that effects a person’s win rate. That basically is what it is by my standard, and by the way, 90% of traders at least 90% of traders lose, does win rate make a difference to them? 87% is a great number, but look at the drawdowns!!! It’s hocus pocus.

I just feel for all the people tonight taking these big draw downs with these supposed 500k accounts. Yikes! I honestly wish the system developer would be more responsible with people’s monies. I mean come on guys, 600-800 pip draw down for a 2-3 day hold max but breaks rules when he is losing big and holds into swing trades? What kind of responsible trading system is this?? It’s bullshit.

edit to add: it’s not even a swing trading system. how can anyone not guarantee a 600-800 pip drawdown to cover their own you know what? I mean come on, isn’t it pretty easy to guarantee such a thing to reel in subscribers? Of course it’s rarely going to go against a trader that much…but it sure hedges his responsibility and gives him reason to hold a loser for more than 2 days… I don’t like, I wish you all the best!

PropTrader probably points towards the fact that winrate is a useless statistical number that does not correlate with actual profitability of a system or tradingstyle. Most traders are attracted by high win ratios because it suggests some kind of safety whereas the opposite is true.
For example profitable trend following systems have winning rates of about 25-40% depending on how they are designed.

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