Started A New Strategy "24X5 Future" Today.Looking Good

Take a look at my system just started today. Day was great!!

Any suggestion/feedback are welcome.


Well you are bragging about 1 day of performance where I see you kept adding to losing trades and were bailed out by the market. Mar…tin…gale…

I’ll pass. Thanks. Good luck.

I guess you understand something called forecast. we all trade on forecast. if system doesn’t show mkt will go down deep then i would not have add more positions.

Thanks for your sights.


Wow, tough crowd hahaha.
I don’t see a “24x7” in the database. The link goes to your strategy “24x5”? Maybe a typo? I think you can still edit…
That is a LOT of trading in 1 day.
I will keep my eye on it, see how you are doing in a few months.
Any idea on the DD? Expectation for returns?
I wish you luck, lots of great strategies & programmers here on C2.

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Thanks for sharing your thought Norman…

DD - Expectation is under 15% and Return per month 5% to 10%.


So first stated expectations are met and beaten.
What are the next expectations for DD?

My suggestions are: 1. Stop your current trading style
2. Learn risk management
3. Do not over trades
4. No Martingale

You need to study hard to trade with real money, even in simulation, you are losing money.

Hey Future4Future where are you? Did you “forecast” that 25% drawdown in the first week. LOL

I guess constantly adding to losing trades doesn’t work when the market doesn’t do what you want,.

What a joke.

@TenPipsADay, by setting the subscription price high ($300) it sets a bad precedent here at C2. The expectations will be high and the critcisms will also be high. There have been many systems that have failed miserably and the common theme is that the developer charges a high monthly sub fee. As a newbie, why didn’t you set the subscriptions low and gradually increase as your subs and profits grow?


Back last spring, I ran stats on which characteristics predicted returns over the following 30 days:

Last weekend [in April 2017] I ran some numbers on the grid that I had downloaded a month previously to see which predictors from a month ago predicted the returns actually experienced over the last 30 days.

Looking at the results, it’s easy to see why it’s so difficult to pick winners (here or anywhere).

The data are very messy, so the results are not very stable, either looking at bivariate correlations or at regression analyses. To reduce some of the noise, I did most of my analyses on strategies ranking at least 30 (out of 100) on the C2 Score a month ago (316 strategies). Still outliers may be driving some of the results.

Among strategies with at least a 30 C2 Score, the best predictor of performance over the last 30 days was subscription cost (Pearson correl. r=-.169). The lower the subscription cost (a month ago), the better the performance over the last 30 days.

Get that: The LOWER the subscription fee, the HIGHER the performance over the following 30 days.

And that is for strategies with at least a C2 score of 30. If one added in strategies with short track records, I expect that the relationship would be even stronger.


He was in it for the quick buck man. He knows he just martingales. No real strategy here.
If he could show some suckers a little bit of performance and get one or two idiots to subscribe, he’d make a profit. Thankfully no one was that stupid, at least this time around.

FYI, just want to emphasize my points about Martingale especially for anyone who is new at C2 or investment. This strategy is successfully loss 60% less than 2 weeks n became private strategy. Your capital will run out when against the strong trends and you do Martingale.

Why would they care? It’s not TOS. Create new user name and new strategy. Let’s go again and again and again. C2 need to stop this or some margin limit or something prevent blow up.

I know it’s their income is from these guys keep making new strategies.