Best broker to autotrade?

What’s people opinion on what would be the best broker to use for autotrading?

I am using MBTrading but seems they have issues with conditional orders and autotrading. The developer of ‘SuperrPips’ for example is stating that he’s going to change from conditional orders to enter market orders when necessary because of ‘phantom’ stop orders with MBT and autotrade. Seem’s like C2 should do a better of job at adapting autotrade to certain brokers, but in the meantime, is there a better or best broker to use with ‘autotrade’?


Guys -

The “issue” with MB Trading is not really an autotrading-specific issue. There are no “phantom” orders. The issue that (some) people complain about is the way that MB Trading calculates account margin use. Essentially, MB will treat an order against your account’s available margin, even if the order has not yet executed.

Every broker does this differently. Obviously this only matters if you plan to lever up you account and try to use all available margin at all times, which - generally speaking - is a risky way to trade. But if that is something you plan to do, then you should be aware of MBT’s relatively conservative risk management/margining system.


Thanks Matthew for your reply.

Could you elaborate a little bit more on how MB Trading calculates the account margin use?

For example for a typical roundtrip trade where the dev starts with a BTO at market and then launches two orders that stay live and not executed for a while, a STC at limit, and a STC at stop… how does this impact the margin calculations in MBTrade in detail?


Hey there Matthew,

You may want to talk with the developer of ‘SuperrPips’. He just sent an email to subs talking about the problems he’s having. He talks about order duplication, ‘stop-hunting’ and orders not received when using autotrade… and he’s going to gonna to go market only orders because of all this.

As a subscriber I don’t like the idea of market orders only because it makes a system even more opaque than what it currently is. I will only get to see the orders as they happen, not to mention that fills may not be as good as with limit orders.

You say this all comes down to margin requirements and MBTrading but the dev message makes no mention to this so it may be worth it that you guys talk to him as this seems to be an important issue that may affect other systems…