AutoSync Taketh Away, and Giveth Back

Been autotrading 2 systems (FXprofisniper & joypips) on MBTrading for just over a week. My account is small, so I set maxlots=2 for both systems. My first comment is that due to the way open “take profit” orders are entered, the required margin is at least 2X what I would have expected. So I get orders rejected for insufficient margin available. AutoSync sends an e-mail and continues to try to open such orders again later. I’ve been monitoring my account very closely due to this.

Note: All times below are within the last 16 hours, as listed in my MBTrading orderbook.

First autosync issue:

18:12 Received a signal for a limit order to buy 20K EUR/USD. Immediate partial fill was for 12K.

18:21 Received a signal to cancel the above order.

18:21 Received confirmation of the 12K partial fill.

18:21 Received new signal to buy 20K EUR/USD, filled immediately.

18:24 Autosync sees I now have 32K EUR/USD and sells the 12K for a loss of 30 pips.

Second autosync issue:

01:37 Received a signal to buy 20K USD/CHF but it is rejected due to insufficient margin available. But autosync keeps trying …

20:32 Signal received that closes a EUR/USD position.

07:39 Autosync buys the 20K USD/CHF at a price that’s 47 pips better than the original signal price.

Trading continues and eventually all positions close either via a signal or manually.

I definitely “lucked out” on that CHF trade, but it could have gone the other way.

Net result for these 2 systems after just 8 days: +25.4%. Impressive.