Beta Test for Inverse Trading

A few people have expressed interest in “inverse” AutoTrading a system – i.e. going long when the system is short, and short when it’s long, etc.

If you currently use Gen3 AutoTrade (any broker is fine, even the C2 Simulated Broker), and you’d like to participate in a beta test of inverse trading, and you understand the feature may not work as expected and/or may be buggy, then please write us at, with the subject: Inverse Trading. Be sure to tell us the email address you use to log in to C2.

If you sign up, you’ll be able to turn on Inverse Trading on a system-by-system basis (that is, you do not have to turn it on for all systems you trade).

This is supported via Gen3 AutoTrade technology only.

We’re only going to allow a few people at a time to use this feature, as we want to make sure it “plays nice” with all the moving parts related to AutoTrading.


Hi Matthew,

Speaking of inverse trading (going short when the system developer issues a buy order and vice versa) It would be nice to display the “normal” AND the “inverse” performance of each C2 system.

In my humble opinion inverse trading won’t automatically transform each losing system into a winning system but who knows, we may uncover a few hidden gems here and there…