New Feature for System Developers: Reversal

Due to the increasing number of people using AutoTrading, C2 is imposing more stringent order-entry requirements on system developers. In the “old days,” if you were short 50 IBM, and you wanted to “reverse” and go long 50 IBM, you could enter an order like this:


That is, the first 50 shares you bought would be applied toward closing your short position, and the next 50 would open a new long position.

Alas, that caused numerous problems with AutoTrading. So now, C2 will not allow you to Buy To Open (BTO) when you are short. You must first close your position, and then Buy To Open.

But don’t fret. I understand that system vendors want to be able to reverse positions in a hurry (i.e. go long to short, or short to long). That’s why we’ve added a new “1-click” Reverse link. If you are a system owner, you will see the “Reverse” command appear next to any open position, or next to any recently traded signal. Just click the link, and C2 will help you construct a quick, AutoTrade-friendly series of orders to get you where you need to go.

The usual caveats apply: new features mean new, unintended consequences. Please report anything strange to me, or any criticism or feedback. - MK