Cool Feature: AutoTrade Results on System Page

Today I released a new feature, carefully hidden so as to prevent users from finding it. Just kidding. It’s in “beta” - which means it probably works just fine, but if you notice anything strange, you should tell me.

The feature is this. Now you can see your real-life AutoTrade executions on the system details page of C2. Let me give you an example of what this means. Let’s say you subscribe to a trading system on C2, and use C2’s AutoTrade to execute real-life trades in your brokerage account.

By flipping a switch, you can see the prices you actually received, and the quantities you actually traded, and the profit/loss you actually made … rather than the C2 hypothetical results. Sounds nifty, right?

It’s very easy to turn on this feature, on a system-by-system basis. Just go to the trading system in question. Then look for the area just above the trade details. You’ll see: “WHAT THIS PAGE DISPLAYS.” In this area, you’ll see the option to “Overlay AutoTrade Results.” Once you select this, your real-life trades are printed in bold brown text, instead of hypothetical results.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks, looks great! Next development idea: show my actual results in the system equity chart.


Nice feature. This makes it much easier to get an overview of the results in my account. Much easier than is possible via my brokers.

One little “beta” point (or should I report that elsewhere?): When I move the mouse over the opening price, then both my price and the C2 price are shown. However, the price shown for C2 is actually the closing price of C2.

One suggestion for improvement (perhaps not an error): In cases where a position was opened by TB but closed by me manually, there seems to be a problem with the scale. E.g. on the AGP trade it is suggested that I would have more than $3,000 profit, which seems to be on the 100% scale. On my scale, the trade was with $5,000 of shares, kept one day, so no way the profit could have been $3,000. My actual profit was $142. I understand that C2 perhaps can’t know my closing price, but the number of shares would still be the same as in the opening trade. I suggest to

- either replace the profits in these cases by a question mark,

- or use the C2 fill, but keep the scale of the user

and perhaps allow the user to fill in his actual price.


There also seems to be a problem with multiple legs. In my Pinnacle trades, for the EXPAH trade that closed at 11/1/06 9:45, the overlay reports that I sold 1 at $1.7, but on 11/1 I sold 9 at $4 according to both TB and IB. The reported transaction (1 at $1.7) was only a partial execution of the first closing signal (STC 2 at market, both filled at $1.7) at 10/23.


great feature - as others have noted, there is a problem with the prices but I’m sure you will work that out.

What I would really like to see is the autotrade results for all others for systems that you don’t subscribe to. That probably will never happen though, eh?

It’s really interesting feature.

Is it possible to show summarized result of autotraders to a system vendor? And honestly, I don’t see any problem if the summarized result will be available publicly (not only for a system vendor/subscribers)


This is really a cool feature, however, it has a major BUG

I found many of the posted fill quantities (#) are incorrect.

So I did a little digging on my filled quantity records.

The problem is that the posted quantities are only the FIRST partial-fill quantities.

Only the orders with total quantity filled in one shot are correct.

But in real life the orders are not always filled in AON (all or none)

My orders are frequently filled with several partial fills @IB as the results of "Smart" routing to different exchanges.

On the other hand, this information is not really new to us subscribers.

We all already have our own records of how our orders were filled.

It would be much usefull if the WORST fills of all subscribers are posted.

So we know the maximum risk in slippages of each trade.

They would be as valuable references as the max DDs posted.


It might be interesting to have autotraders page with stats from autotraders where you can have a system performance in real life where only real trades/sizes are presented. At least it might be good filter for guys/girls who not participate in the system game.

It would be much usefull if the WORST fills of all subscribers are posted.

If the kind of stats will be implemented it’ll be more interesting to see best/average/worst fills. Something as existing Monte Carlo equity curve, but it won’t be C2’s simulation :wink:

As a system vendor, I’m not interested to release the info, but from other side I’ll have more stats from real life and instead of my estimation I’ll have hard numbers of sizes/distribution of capital in price range/stats of partial fills/… Gosh. I even will to give a discount to autotraders, because they’ll give me necessary stats for watching health of the system.


Unfortunately, it’ll never happen :frowning:


What happened?

Instead of fixing the bug, why is this "Cool Feature" disappeared at all?

Now the "Cool Feature" is back, and the Bug (partial fill quantity)still remains. Understand it would take some time to fix it, no hurry. Just want to keep it on the to-do list. :slight_smile:

Fix coming shortly.

When I use the OVERLAY AUTOTRADE RESULTS feature, the text does change colors but over 90% of my brown P/Ls change to "0" or "-0". This also happens if I change the P/L to FOREX PIPS. The P/Ls that I did not autotrade display correctly.

I will look into this, Valerie.