Beta version? - Thumbs down

Beta version was not suffitiently tested, it is slow, unstable and has unfixed bugs.

What happaned to APD ratio in system statistics?

APD ratio is one of very important measurements of system risk…

Instead we are being fed with 100’s of other meaningless statistics clouding the total picture, boring and useless.

I prefer old version of C2, for the price we pay to access C2 systems clients should be given a choice to use old version, there was nothing wrong with it.

Instead C2 management shoveled down our throats new version filled with unfixed bugs.

I experienced problems with connectivity to Trade Bullet since Beta was imposed.

I want a choice and prefer using old version at least until the time beta version will be a real “improvement” over the old one.

One of the design decisions we made in the new site was to remove a great many statistics from the standard system page, since the feedback we had received was that too many stats were confusing for new users.

So your comment that we removed the APD ratio is indeed true. The good news is that we are in the process of restoring that and other stats to the default system pages.

I find one aspect of your post confusing: you complain both that we removed statistics, and that we “feed your with 100’s of meaningless statistics clouding the total picture.” I’m not sure how both things can be true – that we both removed and added stats.

Another thing that I’d like to say: the new site has been designed for improved speed. When things are functioning correctly, you should notice faster page loads.

Finally, no one has turned off or taken away the old site. It is still available from the new splash page.

Matthew -

Regarding statistics, I still suggest you parse stats into different clickable options:

Basic (good for new users)

Advanced (maybe all the statistics users are used to - including some confusing ones)

Expert (stats on the old advanced stats page - the ones created by Jules)

I agree with Andrew that since the beta version was introduced there are now many more connectivity problems with TradeBullet. In addition, the old site, which I prefer, loads now much slower now.

Please pay more attention to the subscribers. Most of the vendors don’t relize all the problems subscribers have - as far as I know none of them auto trades their system on C2 - otherwise you would hear much more complaints about connectivity problems. Please don’t introduce the new site at the expense of the old site and connectivity with TB.

I see I am not the only one having problems with TB, trades not being exetuted since the new version was shoveled down our throats without due process and debugging.

If the C2 management had their money on the line perhaps this would be a different story.

Anyway I suspended my autotrading for the time being and potentially will unsubscribe until C2 will get their act together.

Whoever removed APD from the new "improved" version has no clue about trading systems and trading in general, since APD is one of the few very basic and important statistics measuring system risk.

By the way the old and proven C2 version is not accesible today Mon Aug 24 12:09 PM.

I notice the "old" site is not accessible, too. Also, is the chat area now removed from the "new" site (may be a good thing).

MK: I am seeing like (20) streaming forex/currency quotes at my system order entry page. I can close this which is fine, but for others. . .how about a stock, options & futures stream?