Bitcoin/Crypto Down Over 70%. Time to Buy? Maybe

Who knows what will happen, but I saw that Bitcoin is currently down over 70% for the last year. So, I wanted to see how it has done historically when that happens.


video on calculation method


Excellent, thank you

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Your study is interesting but it does not show the max drawdown after buying at the 70% drawdown level and holding for x days.

In my opinion bitcoin buyers should not rely on this data alone but should wait for confirmation before pulling the trigger (breakout of a down trendline or a resistance line, moving average crossover to the upside, higher highs and higher lows, positive MACD, etc…).

This is still a good study. :+1:

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Bitcoin will still have to drop about 39% from its current price to match its worst historical drawdown of about 85%. Of course, it could always set a new record….

This definitely isn’t a trend following trade yet or anything. But I think enough of my own portfolio is already tied to trend following. So I think it is worth the risk for me.