is there any plans in the future to allow system developers to post blogs?

I think that is the point of having a forum for (any/each) of your systems. You can control it (I believe) so that:

- only you can post

- only you and your subs

- everyone can post.

I was thinking of a blog that could be reached outside of c2 to increase traffic to c2

How would a blog be functionally different from a forum? The C2 forums are probably visible outside C2 - I believe that T2W, EliteTrader, and other trading forums show up in google search results.

Probably, you should more thoroughly how you envision this working, within/without C2…

Tony, try blogspot, blogger or something like that.

thanks Kevin

I do have one and havent spent much time on it

was just thinking of having one spot

but I think blogspot might be a good idea

do you have on that links to C2?