Brief interruptions today, June 8

I am updating some of the COllective2 software today. This means you may (rarely) notice some instances in which you see an “error” page appear. These outages will be brief. Just wait a few moments and hit your refresh button - the errors should disappear.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

I have seen that error masg for over a week now yet usually the trades have gone through . yet today no trade have gone through .

was kind of nice to be able to place a mkt order then wait 5 minute and cancel it . lol honestly though . i cant get any oreders to go through . also my system ( fibo price and time ) has not updated since june 7th . so something definatley out of whack . and i cant exit or enter any trades .

Thanks for alerting me, Joe. Thanks to your post I discovered the “Ronald Reagan Funeral Bug” - caused by the fact that I entered 0610 instead of 0611 when telling the software that Friday was an exchange-closed holiday. I have fixed the bug and now am working on correcting all pending trades.



hi mathew

we’ll see how today works yet so far no updates

still shows june 7th . ill watch more closely for other problems in the next few days yet i have only a few trades planned for the week . just hoping i can exit a few things this week and not sure if im able to make trades or not . still think something out of whack . joe