Brokerages and Autotrade advice

Hi I wanted to get a feel for which brokerages are the best based on:

  • Autotrade fee’s

  • Other fee’s

  • Autotrade order execution speed and accuracy

  • Category Versatility- Forex trading is now more restricted for US residents, but having it would be a plus.

Does anyone know what happened to the C2Brokerage? Is it around and how good is it?
I know Interactivebrokers is one of the best as far as access to markets, but since most of these strategies are focused on the US financial markets, that should not be a factor. How are they in all the other categories?
Finally, I do have an account with ThinkorSwim- owned by TDAmeritrade and also with Fidelity, has anyone used those for Autotrade?

Is no one Autotrading?
Or even thinking about it?

I have enjoyed Interactive Brokers for autotrading. I don’t trade forex, futures, or short though. C2Broker is not a thing anymore. I use TDAmeritrade for manually trading, but neither TD or Fidelity are available for auto trading. C2 has a page that lists the available brokerages. The only one I have trade from those is Interactive.

Hi, I have seen the page on C2 where they mention brokers. It says at the bottom: " Any broker 1. These are software platforms used by many different brokerage firms. If your broker supports any of these platforms, then your account is compatible with C2 AutoTrading. We’ll need to communicate with your broker and get their approval in order to enable your account. Want us to reach out to your broker on your behalf?"

Unfortunately, I am considering suing Interactive broker. I had an account with them that I forgot about, they ate all my funds up in fee’s without me knowing about it. Zero trades. Now I can’t even get my statements and they will not share with me the original TOS agreement I signed when I first opened up my account. :astonished:

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I’m still waiting to hear what brokers people are using for Autotrade?

For US residents, to trade forex, the best brokers are Oanda US.

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Thanks for your response, but Oanda only does Forex. I was hoping for a good solution that included more areas. Similar to Interactive Brokers, but not them?

Need diversification by brokers. This is not bad, this is good. Interactive brokers with leverage will not let you trade Forex if you are a US resident. Therefore, only a few brokers.