BrokerTransmit Scaling Factor

I think C2 should add a scaling factor for BrokerTransmit. C2 will you consider doing this please? I am a trade leader and think this would make C2 much better for trade leaders.

For example, if I start with a $100,000 IB account and set it up to transmit I can’t take money in or out of that account without it affecting my subscribers. If I want to add another $50,000 to that account and invest it too, now my subscribers will start getting margin calls etc.

If C2 added a scaling factor that would let me say that C2 should pass on my signals at a 66.7% scale then I could add money with no problem. However, the way it works now I must either open a second account and place trades twice, or setup another C2 account and autotrade my own strategy with the second account. My thought is that this could function in a similar fashion as a the AutoTrade scaling factor.

@MatthewKlein would it be possible to add this feature? I just want to know if this is a pipe dream for this feature or not.

I am going to take the silence as a, “no it isn’t happening.”