BrokerTransmit Scaling Factor

I think C2 should add a scaling factor for BrokerTransmit. C2 will you consider doing this please? I am a trade leader and think this would make C2 much better for trade leaders.

For example, if I start with a $100,000 IB account and set it up to transmit I can’t take money in or out of that account without it affecting my subscribers. If I want to add another $50,000 to that account and invest it too, now my subscribers will start getting margin calls etc.

If C2 added a scaling factor that would let me say that C2 should pass on my signals at a 66.7% scale then I could add money with no problem. However, the way it works now I must either open a second account and place trades twice, or setup another C2 account and autotrade my own strategy with the second account. My thought is that this could function in a similar fashion as a the AutoTrade scaling factor.

@MatthewKlein would it be possible to add this feature? I just want to know if this is a pipe dream for this feature or not.

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I am going to take the silence as a, “no it isn’t happening.”

I also have requested the same thing, which seems like an obvious feature since not every real-life brokerage account has the same absolute dollar value. @InteractiveAssets did you ever find out about a solution or workaround for this?

I would still like a feature like that. However, I haven’t seen one yet. For me I only use BrokerTransmit for an account I don’t anticipate adding to or withdrawing from for a long time such as a retirement account. I make new contributions to a different account instead.

I can see why a “scale up” feature may not be good, as someone can “TOS” their account with much less at stake. But “scale down” seems ok. Though maybe intent is to make things simple for users and that “TOS” is “what you see is what you get”.

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If you use platform transmit you have no problems scaling down at least without the subscribers getting affected, both with live or sim trade leader account. Also the fills are usually better for subs with platform tramsmit than broker transmit, especially if many followers. However Platform transmit is not compatible with TOS badge yet. Might never be.