Bug in my My Analist Page?

I can’t write comments on my My Analyst Page anymore. I can think of these hypotheses:

1. They were rated so highly that C2 won’t allow me to change them.

2. They were rated so badly that C2 won’t allow me to write another one.

3. I contracted mad cow disease and had a brain fart again because everything works fine.

4. There’s something wrong with the page.

  1. Grolsch.

"Grolsch is an International Premium Lager of Dutch origin".

Sir, I admit confusion.

Hehe. Jules has an affinity for Grolsch. Because of time zones, it seems that we exchange emails whilst in "public houses".

I’ve been adding a new set of features to the page.

Can you tell me please: What specifically happens when you try to add comments? - MK

Eh, nothing happens. When I click on the text, there will not be a cursor and I can’t type into the text.

Whoops. Problem fixed. Sorry!

PS: Nothing derogatory was meant by the “Grolsch” comment regarding Jules. I’ve corresponded with him on numerous occasions and I’ve always found him to be a great source of both information and humor. The phrase “gentleman and scholar” comes to mind. And - he likes Grolsch, so he can’t be all bad.