New change in "My Analyst"

Bigger fonts in the new My Analyst page mean that the person’s analysis is rated more highly by other C2 users.

Bigger fonts in the new My Analyst page mean that the person’s analysis is rated more highly by other C2 users.

Where is the "save" button for My Analyst? All I see under comment box is "Public Visible" and "Remove" button. No way to save, at least that I can see.

Re: the big names - can we turn that off? It draws your eyes more than the system itself.


No need to save unless you change your “Comments.” If you type anything into the Comments field, the Save button appears. Otherwise, clicking the “make visible” or “remove” will automatically save with you having to do anything special.

Re text size: Not sure if I want to really turn that off. Part of the idea is to encourage people to provide higher-quality analysis and comments. (People whose analysis is rated more highly appear in bigger fonts.) Let’s get some more feedback during real-world use to see if getting rid of the varied name sizes is a good idea.

(For anyone who hasn’t seen it, we’re talking about the new My Analyst pages, reachable under the Find a System menu at the top of this screen.)

Ok, I found the problem. I just pasted something into the Comment box. That worked (it pasted ok), but no Save button. You actually have to type at least one character into the box, then save comes up.

Thanks. I fixed this so that, even if you paste text, you’ll see the Save button appear.


I agree with Kevin, the difference in the font sizes of the names of people who comment are way, way too big, they screem into your face in an irritating way.

Even more importent, please return to the alpha order. I leave personal notes, figures and reminders for many systems on My Analyst (that is also the reason why I don’t make them open for public view anymore) and now if I want to check on a particular system I have to scroll through the whole list to find it.

Fair enough. I’ll get the alphabetical ordering implemented ASAP. Not having it was an oversight, not a design decision. Regarding the other issue: I still want to take a few days to evaluate the font-size disparities.

I think so. Getting a more transparent and effective communication at C2 can only be a positive construct. If someone has good input - give 'em a thumbs up. If not let the font show.

Mindless or mindful banter? YOU make the choice. We can all learn from each other, myself included, as learning for me never stops. I’d love to give the thumbs up and make your font larger.

Participate in a constructive and positive manner and let community buzz.g

In answer to user requests, one’s own “My Analyst” page is now sorted alphabetically.



Darn, the posting on the forum does not have a spelling check!

Matthew, any chance that you can add that? Ditto for PMs?

Hi Matthew,

as you asked for feedback; here is mine:

first of all a question. you write is the rating based on an average score for the person or on the rating of the specific rating of the individual analysis (i.e., person, analysed system)?

Definitely from my point of view only the second makes sense (as there might be a very large variation), though I have the impression the first is implemented.

Second I also think the variations are way to big. Actually, I had trouble

finding the comment due to all the names that are in the way…

I would strongly prefer like it was before: I have a list of system and analysis and on the side (i.e., like a second column), I have the list of

people rating it as well. - And there could be different font sizes or an average score (i.e., a table: name - score // name - score )