Building SignalEntry API as Java Maven project

My plan is to wrap up this API in the next few days and open source it as a project for everyone. But I have a couple questions.

1. Is their a dummy SystemId and Password that can be used for "acceptance" testing. I am not looking for a real system but rather confirmation that all the possible URLs are formed correctly.

2. Are there any Java developers here who might be interested in helping?

Hi, Nathan -

There’s a dummy system used for testing the receipt of signals. It’s this one:


But there’s no public system available for the testing of signal generation. Generally people use their own systems, and set them into “test” mode, so that they are not publicly visible, and so that they can be cleared/erased at will.


Thanks I just finished my first check in of the service entry API project. Its got all the basic functionality I need at the moment but I am planning to do a lot more work on in in the upcoming months.

Let me know what you think and if there are any features you might like to see.