Java based system builders wanted

New open source Java based API for signal entry is ready for testing.

It should support all the features at the signal entry documentation site.

If there are future planned updates to the API can someone let me know so I can keep the code up to date. Thanks.

Feel free to recommend other features.

Nathan Tippy


* Validates URL construction

** Parameters are checked to ensure they belong to the requested command.

** Commands are checked to ensure they contain the required parameters.

** Parameters are checked to ensure they are not in conflict with each other.

** Strong type checking is applied to parameter values.

* Helper methods are added for easy parsing of the returned XML.

** isOK() is on most responses (others might use getInteger())

** StAX reader is provided if application needs full response details.

* Simulator provided for testing off line

** Simulator DOES NOT simulate trades (but it could be extended to do this)

** Simulator returns hard coded responses to simulate only existence of a server

* Background asynchronous transmission of of signals.

** All signals are sent in the same order the response objects are returned.

** Calling any of the get methods on a response object will block until all previous responses are fetched.

* Auto retry of signal delivery

** Default (RAM only) journal will continue to retry every 10 seconds if network is down.

** File based journal will continue to retry even after a restart of the JVM.