Wanted : Collaborator for API development

I have a programmed trading system Front End whose decisions I would like to trade on a fully automated basis .

Would any forum reader who has experience of setting up a turnkey API facility be interested in providing a solution using C2’s

modules …

I am open to suggestions for a fair quote for helping with my requirement.[LINKSYSTEM_74598175]

If you are working with Java…

I am building a Java interface into the Signal Entry API as an open source project here.


It does strong type checking and supports retry of submit in case of network failure.

Right now I am implementing a full simulator so I can back test with something that behaves very similar to C2. I should have that up and running soon.

Not sure if this helps.

Thank you. I was hoping to find a high level language solution . But I may wish to consider your Java based Signal entry solution which lools like it has some very useful features, eg logging and re-try elements.