Built in automatic stop loss?

Matt, could we have a feature in the order ticket where we could preset a stop loss so if we get filled, that would also automatically kick in? Let’s say I use a 3 ES stop loss all the time, so when I get of 1533.75 long, I wouldn’t have to put in a stop loss for 1530.75, but C2 would do it for me…

I would say this feature would save a few meltdowns…

Please don’t mind me, it has been done long time ago, how the hell did I miss it??? :frowning:

OK, I did try it and I would prefer a point limit instead of the actual price.

Case in point: I shorted at 1533.5 and put in 3 as stop loss. Evidently I have to put in 1536.5 and not 3 because the trade was covered at 1532.25 automatically.

Did you enter it correctly? The stop loss you should have entered should have looked like this: “T-3” (that means: the opening’s Trade’s execution price, minus 3 points).

Also acceptable: “-3”

That rocks Matt,

I’ve been meaning to ask you the same question. So to clarify, t-# or just -# will work?


Oh, OK. No I just put in 3. Will try -3 next time…

Yes, but remember, if you are opening the trade using a limit or stop, you pretty much know the price that C2 will fill the entry at. So there’s no point in using the T+/- feature.


You have an order to BUY 1 @ESZ7 @ limit 1550

You want to set your stop loss for 3 points.

There’s no need to use T-3, since you know the trade price will be 1550. Thus just set your stop loss at 1547. It’s less prone to delay, software/platform error, etc.

The O± and T± features are very useful for traders who have no idea at what price their trades will execute at (i.e. they enter an order at night, before the markets open), or for those who want to base their entry price on the as-of-yet-unknown market opening price.

Yes, understood. What I was actually getting at if the 3 ES would stay there until further changes? If I want to use that particular stop loss all the time. I assume not, we have to put it in at each trade…

I see. Currently that feature is not available. I’ll need to evaluate where that fits in the scheme of things.

it is a lot of time i dont look at the site.

So please explain where i can found a descritpion of the features O3 T3

thank you