C2 Data Center Upgrade: Brief Saturday Outage

On Saturday, January 7, at 10 am ET, Collective2 will move its operations into a new data center. The new data center will give us increased bandwidth (making the site faster), and better reliability.

There will be a period of about two hours when Collective2 will vanish from the Internet. We hope to have all service restored by noon (Eastern time) on Saturday.

If you experience problems reaching C2 after Saturday, you may have an ISP-specific problem with DNS resolution (C2 will move IP addresses). If, on Saturday afternoon, you think something is wrong, feel free to email me at my non-C2 address, and I will look into it: mk@matthewklein.org.

The good news is that this will be unlikely. The move ought to be completely transparent to users and trouble-free. I don’t anticipate any problems, except for the brief outage on Saturday morning. And after Saturday, site speed will be increased.

This move will allow us to keep up with C2’s surprising (and exciting) growth. Stay tuned as we release more cool features in the next few weeks.


Thanks Matthew, looking forward to the changes and extra tools on C2!

MK … congrats on the server swap! Looks like everything is back up and working and I’m sure the speed improvements and fewer TB connection outages will be appreciated greatly by everyone.

Looks good from Washington, DC. Much faster too.


I’ve emailed you multiple times about that $98.00 charge that should have never taken place. If you would please email me, and make sure your email does not filter my emails to your bulk mail folder. Otherwise I’m not sure why you haven’t recieved any of my requests. That charge caught me off guard and has cost me a pretty penny, hence I need a bit more speed to its resolvement. Thank you.