System outage today

C2 Members - Today at approximately 13:20 ET our primary database hardware crashed. When we brought the database back on line, nearly all of the database tables were corrupted and needed to be rebuilt. This process is now complete, the data has been restored, and I believe everything is now stable.

During the period in which the database tables were corrupted, numerous problems occurred. I apologize for them.

I try very hard to make C2 reliable. Despite the precautions we take (including running multiple, redundant hardware systems at separate geographic locations), technology failures can and do occur. Please know that I try to learn from incidents like today’s, so that I can continuously improve C2’s service. I’m not yet sure what caused the database hardware to fail today, but I intend to work with our hardware vendor over the next few days to find out.

Again, I apologize for today’s outage and the subsequent problems. I know that you count on C2, and your trust in my company’s service is a responsibility I take very seriously.

Finally, while I believe everything has been restored to its proper state, please let me know if you notice any further problems. My email is


Matthew Klein



please let me know if you notice any further problems.

Yes. Why are you posting under the alias Martin Wyatt???

Yes, the systems crash seems to have eliminated 15 subscribers from my account. They may or may not have been there before.

I don’t understand this message.

That means he dreamt of having at least 15 subscribers, but he has none. :slight_smile: