C2 Data Services API Released

The C2 Data Services API (C2DS) is finally here. Now programmers can use the C2DS to access virtually the entire Collective2 database: trade histories, the entire list of C2 systems, signal details, statistics and metastatistics, equity curves, etc.

Start building great applications and online services that make use of C2 data. We welcome personal, commercial, and public domain development efforts. Whether you want to create software that helps you trade better, or software that helps others find great systems, the C2DS is the place to start.

To learn more, see the document here:


Please post questions and feedback here. - Matthew

Beautiful! I tried some functions and it worked great. I was able to pull out some data very quickly. Will access to the data remain free? My suggestion for a next version would be to add a command that allows to download the data for a specific period. For example if I want to generate an overview each day of the systems with a new equity high, it seems it would be cumbersome to download each day all the equity curve data for all active systems. Instead it would be easier if I could just do a daily download of the most recent equity value for each system.

Excellent idea. I should have anticipated that one. I’ll try to do that ASAP.

Yes, use of C2DS is completely free.

I dived into it a bit more. It would be very helpful to have at least one timestamp (e.g. 16:00:00 EST) fixed across all systems’ account equity files. For stocks, any timestamp between the session’s close and next session’s open, is probably equal to a 16:00:00 EST timestamp, but this doesn’t work for forex (and probably futures).

Unfortunately, due to the nature of how these values are calculated (sequentially, more or less randomly, when CPU utilization allows), this is probably not possible under current architecture.

No problem. That’s what I vaguely expected.