Version 2 of C2 Signal API released

Hello, all C2 programmers:

We’ve released version 2.0 of our Signal API.

Improvements include faster new-signal processing, a cleaner aesthetic, and full JSON support. It’s a work in progress, but feel free to begin using it for your C2-compatible projects.

A quick update was posted to the new Signal API.

New commands made available in todays update:



Great news all around! I’m so happy to hear C2 has embraced JSON! A quick question though: it looks like the new commands you describe are a rework of the C2 Data Services API. Is the Data Services API going to be retired at some point, then?

Regardless of the answer, I just thought I’d mention that I like the API key authentication infinitely better than the token authentication implemented in the the DS API…

We have no plans to deprecate the older APIs, but I’d like to make all relevant functionality available in the new, modern API.

One more pretty cool addition to API version 2:

Position Maintenance:

Rather than tell C2 specific buy and sell signals, simply deliver a list of the portfolio you want, and C2 will be in charge of getting your C2 Model Account to match your desired portfolio.

Learn more at