Collective2 API version 3 released

Attention C2 Programmers -

We’ve just published documentation on the latest version of the C2 API. You can read more about it here:

Hi Matthew

Do you plan to disconnect old Data Services API (C2DS) soon?

No. I understand you invested time and energy building your software to use the old API resources. So of course we’ll leave it running. But I gently encourage you to migrate to the new APIs as you develop new software.

I’ve tried to send couple requests using new API (getSystemDetails & requestAllTrades_overview) and received error message “Credentials provided do not allow access to this systemid”. Does it mean that new API works only with systems on which I subscribed? No general access to any/all systems at C2 now?

Whoops. Will fix that! Will let you know on the forums here when fixed.

I didn’t find request which returns list of all C2 systems with their IDs. Is it possible to get this list using new API?

OK, will add it. Will try to get to these requests over the next couple of days. Sorry.

Hi, Andrey:

API version 3 commands


are now available to non subscribers (only closed trades are shown, however).

I’ll work on the additional feature you asked for - some kind of strategy roster.


I didn’t check it, but could you please also share retrieveSystemEquity and retrieveSignalsAll to non subscribers?
Is there any way to put working/closed system flag in the system roster you are working on?

OK, Andrey - Your wish is my command. Commands retrieveSystemEquity and retrieveSignalsAll are now available to non-subscribers via API version 3. There is also a new command (now included in the C2 API documentation) called: getSystemRoster - which is self-explanatory.

Thank you very much!!! That is why I’ve chosen C2 as my signal provider - great support and very detailed information about systems.

requestTradesOpen doesn’t seem to be working. It is giving me the closed trades instead. requestTrades also returns the same, the closed trades but no open trades. I am the system developer so I should be able to see the trades.

Another thing, retrieveMarginEquity doesn’t seem to work, it returns the following error :
“ok”: “0”,
“error”: {
“title”: “Unknown API command”,
“message”: “Please refer to Collective2 API docs or contact Help Desk for more information”

However, I didn’t see it in the documentation, but getMarginEquity still seems to work in V3.

Hi Graeme -

This was my mistake. I had the wrong name in the docs. Now you can use requestMarginEquity or getMarginEquity.

Regarding open trades:

Now this is fixed. If you are a subscriber to the strategy, requestTradesOpen will now work for you.

Let me know if you have any other issues. Thanks for bringing these to my attention.


Could you please add trade drawdown information in the data returned for requestAllTrades_overview? This info was in previous API.

Yep, I broke my neck looking for the right command to obtain the list of working orders as retrieveSignalsWorking does not do anything, but requestTradesOpen works for me!