C2 Futures Micro Settings

Thanks to Matthew for adding support for the Futures Micro Currencies. In trading them it appears there are 2 issues. The trade price only shows 2 places to the right of the decimal point. It needs to be at least 4 and actually 5 are used. 4 are fine for me.

Also, it appears that the commission was left to match a standard contract. A micro in Futures is 1/10th of the standard contract and so is the commission. I placed a trade with a 10 point gain and lost due to a full size commission. Please let me know when these adjustments are made. Thanks again.

What broker are you assuming?

I just checked OEC, and their rates+exchange+NFA are about half for the micro Euro vs. the normal Euro ($1.47 vs. $2.91 per side). The Exchange fees are indeed 1/10th, and NFA fees remain at .02.

The CME gave me their fees, Interactive Brokers is 0.15 for Euro Micro vs. 0.85 for std, on their fixed pricing choice including the same fees as you list . I don’t know who OEC is but those are extremely steep prices. I’m glad I’m at IB for my live trading.

Hi Steve:

I’ve corrected the decimal precision on the micro-contract.

As far as C2’s attempt to estimate commissions, we’re not going to be able to change that. The estimates of commission costs are just that – estimates. If we over-estimate commissions on certain contracts (e.g. such as the micro contracts), that’s not easily changed at this time.

But regardless, I think you are mistaking exchange fees and commissions. I don’t think the CME posts broker commissions on its web site, only exchange fees.

Thanks Matthew for the quick reply. Do you have commission rates for mini or micro contracts set up in C2? I don’t see them listed on the commission plans. I sent Alen an email on this as well. Sorry for the bombardment but I’m on a time crunch to get this working .

I would highly suggest including Interactive Brokers in your commission plan schedule. Their prices, as I give in the email to Alen are noticeably less expensive.

And your right, I spoke incorrectly about the CME. There fees are 1/10th. not the commissions.

Commissions on Interactive Brokers site for futures on their cost-plus fixed pricing

std contract: $0.85 inc fees per side Micros: $0.15 inc fees per side. Big difference.

Thanks again