Micro Contract commish error

This error apllies to any strategy that trades the (not so new) Micro Contracts. I’ve reported it to support but have not heard back. It applies to many strategies here that trade the micro contracts as I’ve checked many others and they exhibit the same flaw. If you select Typical commissions everything appears to be ok, however if you select basically any of the other commissions schedules you will get this false information. The individual trade p/l’s appear to be close enough for the typical vs IB (for example) however the net equity curve is completely wrong. Look how the max DD is greater than the Accum return, how is this possible! Clearly there is an error so for Trade leaders AND investors you need to be aware of this error, when selecting

anything other than typical commish.

Mathew, how great of you to close off the other thread which also pertains to the issues I’ve posted in this thread.This is so typical of C2, not once have I ever sent a complaint to C2 that was invalid, this is no different. I have sent the info to help desk and had absolutely no reply. There is clearly an error here! Why is this so hard for you to understand, look at the numbers I have provided, there is a problem here !!! I can’t fix it, it has absolutely nothing to do with my strategy being new, it solely has to do with C2 calculating some thing incorrectly! Just look at the cum return vs the the DD, clearly in error!!! @MatthewKlein

Also this is clearly in error!!! @MatthewKlein

Hi Rooster -

You’ve posted in a few threads. I replied to your concerns in the other thread. (Yes, I then closed the thread, because some posts were disrespectful to other C2 members, and I did not want the thread to devolve into unprofessional arguments.)

In that thread I wrote:

  1. We don’t currently include all micro contracts as reduced commissions in the IB commission rate. But we do in the “default commission rates” – which is what C2 uses to calculate stats.
  2. The IB commission rate is not used to calculate the stats or margin requirements. The default commission rate is.
  3. You asked why your Suggested Minimum Capital for your strategy is $25,000. I explained that this number is generated by the software, and is meant to protect investors and to be conservative. It’s not meant to represent the absolute minimum one can use to trade a strategy.The suggested minimum tries to factor in things like instruments traded, leverage, and drawdown. I also suggested that, because the number is calculated by the software, it’s not foolproof, and so, sure, it’s definitely possible to have a a more personal discussion about adjusting the number in the future. But I recommended you build more of a track record before asking for a customized Suggested Minimum Capital.

I’m sorry I closed the other thread prematurely. I hope these answers seem reasonable.


So now the question is, why would you NOT include all micro contracts as reduced commissions for IB and the others? Is it because you have a legit reason not too, or the technology isn’t coded to allow for it, or if it’s a matter of, we could do it if we wanted to… then perhaps you should think greatly about doing this. At this point I see no reason to continue with my strategy since it only trades micro’s and is being unfairly penalized by such a HUGE amount it’s pointless to continue. Like I stated in my help request and on here, most folks at C2 use IB, as clear evidence by looking at real trades on many strategies. So for all those investors that leave this setting on IB when they visit my strategy they instantly see all RED! If you can’t see how wrong this is, then clearly I have no business doing business with C2, it simply won’t work, it’s obvious by the pics I have included. Why would I continue with this BS ??? I’m completely mystified right now by this attitude it’s beyond my level of comprehension!

I just cancelled my credit card too. This is complete BS, 100%!!!

Oh my, okay. I wish you well. I’ll have someone from my team reach out and arrange a refund.