I think the commission schedule is a bit off

Hey, Matt. I don’t really agree with the way you are doing the commission schedule on this site. I don’t know any broker that I personally work with that charges per share anymore. I know there are some at like $25 a trade at most, and this would make a large difference in everybody’s perception specifically of the stock trading systems. I can tell you I’ve been trading close to that amount and it hasn’t even come close to costing 2k per the qid qld system I have.

On the futures, I’d say 2-4 is reasonable but much beyond that would have to be one of the most expensive brokers you can get.

On options, something like $1 per contract is what I know most people pay.

Interactive Brokers, one of the deepest discount brokers, charges $0.01 per share (that is, one penny) for the first 500 shares of stock, I believe. Then they charge half-a-penny for the rest. Therefore I’m not sure that C2’s calculation of commission costs (one penny per share) are terribly out of line…

In any case, the issue will soon be moot, as we plan to let customers enter their own commission plans (per share, flat rate, whatever), and costs will reflect each customer’s preferences. (Soon.)

Oh, wonderful. Thanks, Matt.