C2 gateway broker?

Hi all,

I got an email and call from C2 gateway an introducting broker for European C2 users? Anyone heard of that? The incentive to use C2 gateway is not very clear to me besides ‘serving you better’ and giving these guys my commissions :slight_smile:

Currently using IB and all is working fine…

I don’t think these are affiliated with C2 are they?

Anyone an idea?

Hi Steven -

Yeah, it’s us. We are trying to expand C2 operations in Europe, and one of the ways we are doing so is to set up an introducing broker that “introduces for” Interactive Brokers. So if you got an email or a call from someone claiming to be at C2, about this matter, it’s legit.

All brand-new customers in Europe will get set up at C2Gateway automatically, but if you’re a a long-time customer, we are contacting you individually to ask you to link your account through the new introducer.

Again, this applies only to European customers that we have contacted. If you’re not in Europe, or you haven’t heard from us, you can ignore this.


What are the benefits of doing that? And will it be possible to un-link the account in the future, should we choose to?
I’ve tried asking these questions through their website, but their email address is invalid and the “contact us” form is unresponsive.

Hi, Ben - Thanks for heads-up. Will respond via PM.