UK Brokerage Firms?

Hi all, I would like some advice please. I am interested in signing up to a number of your users systems on C2 with a goal of Automating my trading.

I need to select a Broker – can you offer me some advice. I am based in London UK and mainly trade Futures and options but I do purchase the odd equity from time to time.

So, I need a little help with a broker that allows me to trade from the UK, but make trades in US Futures and options. Do you UK traders use US based brokers? or UK brokers? any other advice would be appreviated.

Hi Darren,

I too live in London. I’ve been using OptionsXpress for years, all fine. I’d like to know if there is a UK/European broker I might change to, so I can trade non-US securities as well, but last time I looked they were more expensive and not as easy to use for US trades.

OX used to support Gen3 C2 auto-trading too, which was great… until they stopped support; I don’t know why.

I did investigate switching to another broker so I could continue participating in the TOS programme, which requires auto-trading. After looking at the brokers table in the FAQ here on C2, I wrote to MB Trading and Vision Financial: the former said they don’t support UK customers and the latter didin’t even bother to reply, which doesn’t inspire confidence!


ouch, i had the same experience with ThinkorSwim - they had a great app and lots of innovation - but my connection broke with them when they got purchased by Ameritrade: (

I thought Interactive Brokers were large and supported UK? i am in touch with MB Trading and will let you know the response.

So, may i ask, what are you using at present? do you autotrade with C2?


Hi Darren,

Both Vision and Interactive Brokers offer Gen3 Autotrading for UK traders. You can open an account directly with Vision or you can go through one the non USA introducing brokers for Interactive Brokers. The introducing brokers are Experia and AGM Technology.

Note: The TOS program is limited to a handful of eligible brokers, so system venders should not only determine where they can open a live a brokerage account, but also if that particular broker can be used with the TOS program.

- Melissa

I’m still using OX but trading manually now.

Hi Melissa,

I tried to enquire with Vision but they didn’t even bother to reply so that raised alarm bells for me - I’ve had my fair share of experiences with bad customer service before!

Maybe my enquiry just got lost due to a rare mistake. Does anyone use Vision, and are they generally OK?

Secondly, on the C2 FAQ page there is no tick in the Interactive Brokers Gen3 box. Am I to surmise that this does work now, and it’s just the FAQ that isn’t yet up to date? Does IB support TOS as well?


Hi Dean,

Vision is pretty new to the game so if you have any questions and you don’t get a response, feel free to let us know and we’ll assist you.

The C2 FAQ screen does not have the most up to date C2 compatible broker information. I have submitted a request to the developers to update it. In the meantime, please visit the Autotrading - How it Works page.

BulldogFX supports the C2 TOS program at Interactive Brokers for futures only.