c2 is down

Date and time = 06/05/2011 06:10 PM Eastern

2011-06-05 17:10:26:154 (2011-06-05 22:10 UTC) Sending logon to Collective2 for [REMOVED]

2011-06-05 17:10:26:155 (2011-06-05 22:10 UTC) (Connection) Connecting to Collective2

2011-06-05 17:10:26:367 (2011-06-05 22:10 UTC) (Connection) Connected to Collective2 and account [REMOVED]

2011-06-05 17:10:26:711 (2011-06-05 22:10 UTC) (Connection) Collective2 Logon request error: Can’t reach the C2 server (The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive.)

(error repeats over and over again)

Same here. I hope someone is working tonight!

The problem with the Gen1 AutoTrade Servers has been fixed, and the servers are now back online. I am sorry for the problem. - Matthew