C2 is having issues in placing trades

Hi Matthew,

Safe Capital has sent following email


We are - again - experiencing difficulties with the C2 trade system. Now the trade entry window is not available, even not manually!

I’ve sent urgent msg to helpdesk and put it on the public dashboard, hopefully they’ll pick it up because now we’re unable to adjust positions, leaving us in the dark. Very very unacceptable…


Has any changes been there in C2, were System owners & subscriber forewarned,

Is C2 back in operation, has it been tested on dummy account, and later on reduced live accounts,

As I posted in the forum (see below) we did have a problem this afternoon which caused our Dutch Web site to appear on the USA site, and which prevented the new order screen from appearing on the USA site. The problem has been resolved. - MK

Hi Matthews,

1) Trade Window stopped accepting order, I understand the issue is resolved, our query is, is any solution in place, so that in future there is an alternative route to placing orders,