I have a number of petty difficulties with this site, that I otherwise am very grateful for, and I wonder if you could look into them:

1) Re-Login: I keep a page open for trade entry because the C2 server is very slow and I like to enter my trades in a timely way. When I finally fill out all the boxes and press Quick Trade… a re-login page appears. When I log in again I don’t find the previous page, but I’m sent to the Home page. This is infuriating and frustrating at best and it could be dangerous at worst. What kind of security do we need that we can’t let me login at the beginning of the trading day and keep me logged in for the duration?

2) A number of error messages have occurred where I was attempting to close a position and the system told me I could not enter a sell to close order because I didn’t have any positions open.

3) Buy Limit is above market price error message. Market is above my limit but C2 doesn’t see it that way.

4) ESU Not Open Yet error message during trading hours and when I was trying to see if my limit order had been filled as it should have been.

In general, order entry is one of the main difficulties. It is slow and prone to frustrating mishaps. I wonder if others are experiencing the same, and anyway I hope it can be remedied easily.

Again, thanks for the beautiful opportunity you are giving all of us.