C2 login frequency

I’m getting logged out every 60 mins. With my iPad. Is anyone else having trouble?

yes here 2 on my PC but not every 60 min maybe more like every 30 min .

Same here on my PC. Anyone from C2 looking into this?

We’re looking into this now, thanks for the reports.

Hi, Guys -

We’re looking into this.


We’re trying to determine if we have fixed the problem. As of 14:00 ET, is anyone being kicked out of their logged-in state prematurely? (You definitely were forced to re-login at around 13:40 ET, but after that, I am hopeful the problem has been solved.)

If you see otherwise, please let us know.


I’m still logged in right now, thanks Matthew.

same problem now …

I got bounced off the C2 site twice in the last 30 minutes and had to log in again.


FYI, I just got bounced too, after being on only for a few minutes. Christina