C2 can't log in very often

yesterday and today, there are times when I can’t log into c2, so I can’t close my position which turned profit to loss.

what happened?

I need more information about what this statement means: “I can’t log into c2.”

What specifically happens when you log in? At what point in the log-in process do you get stuck? What is in your browser window before that point? At that point? What URL / web address do you see?

What do you press or click?

What happens?

What browser are you using? What operating system?

What time of day / date (Eastern USA time)?

Also, screen shots are very helpful.

Send all info to help@collective2.com so that we can try to help.



sorry, I didn’t take screen shot.

basically I went to homepage, and log in, then I was taken to a page asked me to log in, the page is mostly blank, only text fields for me to input user name and password. I clicked log in and no use.

i was able to log in after about 20 minutes. this happened about 1 hour ago, around 7:30am PST.

it happened yesterday too.

I’m using chrome.