C2 Performance Graph

My system the Elixir 1 is three weeks old.

Started from a Base of $50k

Cumulative Gain approx 17-20K

Estimate Current Value approx $70,000

Why does the graph show $60k?

The fees cannot be that high relative the gains with about 100 trades can they?

My real futures broker charges nowhere near these fees?

I noticed if I reduce the trading frequency, the green line starts to rise relative to time?

I am not certain how to interpret this graph in light of these questions.

I think I know why. The performance graph is not being updated on weekends as futures quote systems often fail during weekends and so the graph may take a hit with wrong quotes. So better to wait till sunday evening when the futures/forex quote systems are back online. It is being updated for stock systems as stock quotes are more reliable. Othewise it will be a headache for C2 to get a lot of complaints about wrong graph etc.

My futures system Fortuna8 has doubled its value from $1M to $2M in 5 weeks ($200k yesterday alone I think) but the graph does not reflect that yet as it is a weekend.


awesome numbers. what kind of setups do you use? I started with the $1mm thing, but, how does that work with subs, or do you even care about subs. how much of this is real money?

Subs have to scale down probably by a factor of atleast 20 as 20 contracts is the position size I currently use which is also the maximum, C2 would allow at one time.