Discrepancies in Daily Performance

These pictures were taken moments apart. I am trying to understand if the C2 system is actually not catching something or if there is just such a delay that they are not matching? As you can see from the first C2 screenshot and the brokerage screenshot the account is up at the moment for the day but in the summary and on the chart it shows it is down by -0.7%.

I note the same thing, but to my eye clearly the most current and updated one is on my Dashboard (which in this case I believe is the one showing -$430 for you). I don’t have one just like your first example (what is “Days Left”?) so I’m not positive.

But the three areas I see most regularly are on my Dashboard, my Strategy page, and on my Strategy’s Trade Entry page. And of these, the Dashboard is the only one that I believe follows somewhat closely with realtime quotes that I see elsewhere.

There have been no trades today, and my broker is showing positive returns of 1.8% at the moment while the C2 dashboard is showing about -0.2%.

For the record, it seems to have corrected now to match what my broker had at the end of the day and both show about 1.5% gain for the day.

There is a delay between c2 number and graphs. Other than slippage and broker fee. C2 is pretty accurate. Unless you try to scalp or trading something with a wide bid/ask Or instruments that is illiquid.

Thanks that is good to know. I’m definitely not scalping or running into and bid/ask or fill issues. Looks like I just need to give everything more time in a day to match up.