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Question for Andrea/Kevin at Futures Wiz -

Even though your system is 8 weeks old, I was starting to get interested. You are now in the midst of a drawdown, which to see how you recover will be good to watch (will you follow your system, or abandon it to try to get equity back - the latter is what many developers do).

What troubles me is that you have a 25% drawdown after only 8 weeks, when your system description says "My maximum system drawdown over 5 years for an account size of $30,000 is 17 percent and the recovery factor was 3 trades…"

How do you reconcile this rather large (drawdown underestimated by 50%) discrepancy?

Thank You, sir.

Bump. C2 max drawdown 32%, but you’ve recovered quite a bit of that. Comments?

I looked at the Futures system and I think it will do ok in the long run, if he puts on a cap on the number of positions per 10K at a reasonable number. Assuming his system is computer generated, when he did his testing he possibly didn’t take days like my favorite monday in 1987 into account. He has the gonads to continue after a lot of pain. More power to him


After reading the descriptions of all of the strategies, the numbers are definitely unreliable and a data sheet of trades should be made available. This system is untradeable.

Machine Learning, you are new at C2, so it may be useful to know that system vendors don’t simply post whatever statistics they want to post (reliable or unreliable). Rather, they enter their trade suggestions, in real-time, at C2, and C2 provides statistics based on the hypothetical go-forward results of these trade signals.