Java, VB, or other C2 interfaces

Currently using the C2 web browser interface to transact trade signals. It works ok, but a Java, VB, or other application tool to generate trade signals would be preferred, as this tool would allow me to generate more trade signals easier and faster than the current web browser interface. In addition, it would further inhance the value of the Collective2 trader user community.

Read your information about API interfaces, etc.

I am not a programmer, so a logical question for me follows:

Has C2 developed or is C2 in the process of developing a Java, VB, or other application interface as a support tool to generate trade signals?

Thank you for offering the collective2 community.

I look forward to your feedback on this topic.

Regards, Mark Kovar

We are not currently developing a desktop application to facilitate the placement of orders on Collective2, but we have kicked around that idea a bit.

I think there are already a few software applications that are available where adding such a capability would be relatively simple and where it makes a lot of sense to do so (I’m thinking about trading and charting front-ends).

C2’s already-existing APIs would allow the creation of such an application. If there are any software developers out there interested in creating a trade-entry front-end for C2, I will be happy to work with you. Remember that C2 charges zero licensing fees for building C2-compatible software, allows you to charge whatever you want to your own end users, and will help in marketing any such product.