Improve Collective2 - Tradestation connection


I´d like to request to Collective2 about improving the connection between TradeStation and Collective2 to send signals.

I have been employing it for about 6 months ago daily, in simple and advanced version. Actually I prefer simple version because only there you work with different strategies over the same symbols to send signals to different C2 strategies. It forces to me to work with a lot of TradeStation Workspaces, reducing the server performance.

Otherwise, the mechanism of mail sending is too low in my opinion. Market orders enters almost time with more slipagge because TS have to email to C2 and C2 process the order. Sometimes also limit orders doest entry because the price is over the order when it has arrived to C2. Also you have to be very carefull with your order names because C2 doesn´t distinguish between buy to enter or buy to cover, for example.

Collective2 has great technology and I think this is an important improvement area. Is only a opinion, but I think a better software could be developed.



Hi Andres

You are using our old interface.

Please upgrade to PlatformTransmit for tradestation. This is our new, modern tradestation interface.


I’m using the new system and it is working very well. No issues the last 25 days, but I’m not running a lot of different strategies either.

My problem with Collective2 is that even though I’m trading the system I’ve developed live along with the one shown on C2, I can’t show myself as a TOS developer since C2 does not support Tradestation.

The way I am now running in TS is that I have two sign on accounts in TS. Cost a little bit more for data fees but I use TS to get their data. IB data does not work for me, since I need minute data back to 1998 for my development process and TS supports ES back to that time.

The first TS account is used as a live trading account where I am running the same strategy that is communicating with C2. The second sign in is a TS account in simulation mode, and that is the one that is linked to C2. So far both have been perfectly in synch. Just can’t get a TOS status, so I have to do it manually with my discussions with my subscribers.

I tried IB with MultiCharts but I still had to have a TS account to get the data I needed. Just was way too complex and did not want to set up another computer to run this.

So far C2’s connection to TS has been rock solid. It took me some work with Help to set it all up but it has been great ever since.

The only way to get TOS certification, considering your setup, is to use a bridge between TS and IB. However good luck if you decide to venture yourself on this venue as the technical problems (and slippage) you will likely face will be not insignificant. There are also other drawbacks related to TOS certification for an active portfolio trader which I have discussed previously on this forum.

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Thanks Mattthew, I will check it this weekend, but i have a doubt seeing description:

¿Is possible employ different TS strategies over the same symbol for different C2 strategies?

For example. I have 3 trading systems over @ES futures in Tradestation and 2 C2 Strategies:

  • S1 (TS System 1 over @ES futures)

  • S2 (TS System 2 over @ES futures)

  • S3 (TS System 3 over @ES futures)

  • CS1 (C2 Strategy 1)

  • CS2 (C2 Strategy 2)

. I want than the signals of the 2 first systems goes to CS1 strategy and the signals for the S3 goes to CS2 strategy. ¿Is this possible with the new software?

If you link only by symbols, it´s not possible because you only can send the signals of all systems over the same symbol and no ones specifics.

I don´t know if I managed to explain it…


Yes, I agree 100%.

I´m employing this way to be TOS.

Hello Andreas,

PlatformTransmit V1 is able to replicate Platform Account Positions (source) to C2 Strategy Positions (target).

TradeStation Account Positions don’t contains any information about the desktop, workspace, strategy etc. that was used to generate the original order. All relevant information we have is:

symbol, symboltype, account, side, quantity (ES, Futures, SIM12345M, Long, 1)

The only way to sync your S1 + S2 ES positions to CS1 and S3 ES Position to CS2 is, to use 2 different TS accounts:

S1 and S2 signals --> TS Account 1 --> C2 Strategy A
S3 signals --> TS Account 2 --> C2 Strategy B

This should work.

However if you want to execute S1, S2 and S3 to the same TS account, no way to split and sync your final netted account position (ex. Long 1 + Long 1 + Short 1 = netted Long 1) to 2 different C2 strategies.

If you need more information, feel free to contact me directly (,, I will try to help you to setup your system, if possible.

I hope this helps!

PS: We are working on a symbol based sync architecture, expl: ES to C2 strategy A, TS to C2 strategy B etc… however this is an experimental project yet and needs time. Cross your fingers for me :slight_smile:

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Thank very much for your reply Lorant.

I think I understand well the working of transmision, so I´m employing the old and symple TS connection, because is the unique alternative to send different strategies over the same symbol to different C2 strategies. This employ the workspace name to determine to which C2 strategy the signal must be sent.

I work with trading systems portfolios, not unique system, so it´s very important for me. Is basic can send different systems signals over same symbol to different C2 strategies.

So I think than my proposal continues being valid, because this problem is not solved with the new software. Otherwise I consider the alternative of having 2 TS accounts.

Anyway, I think than Collective2 should consider to improve this feature and also add TOS througth TradeStation platform, but only is my opinion.

Thanks for your great work.


Ok, this is a valid explanation and I clearly understand your point. Desktop / Workspace / Strategy / Symbol based sync to single and/or multiple c2 strategies is on my Wishlist and will try to implement with the team the “best” solution that could work for all connected platforms, helping traders to manage in more sophisticated way.

1st phase: rebuild all connectors (NT7, NT8, TS9, MT4) and use a platform agnostic architecture - done
2nd phase: release v1 stable. We are still beta, working to fix reported bugs, ensure that execution and position sync works as expected… this is the most important task for me and my team and I will never change my mind :slight_smile: (because this is C2 core service)
3rd phase: add new platformtransmit features and functions, improve, connect new platforms. - important todo, we will work on that continuously.

However we are in phase 2 … and hopefully for not a long time. Every piece of feedback, bug report, idea is very important and helps to release stable version.

Your request (and it is not only yours) is not an easy task… so I really like it :slight_smile: Noted. Saved. Added. Got it.

I’ll keep you updated!

Thank you

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I got some great ideas internally and we will work on a special version that will support your sync behavior too. (i really hope) - needs time, however the priority became High (good news for ya huh? :wink:

I will keep everybody updated here.

Again, thank you for feedback and ideas!

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Thanks you for your work Lorant :wink:

Lorant, how are you. Everything is working well for me but on your next build can you also develop a connector that will take the actual trades from TS that I make in my personal account. This way, I could close down my simulation account and then become a TOS developer.

The issue with me using IB (I’ve used it in the past) with MultiCharts is that I fine the fills not as good in IB (don’t have a clue why) and they only have minute data a few years back. As you know I use granular minute data back 17 to 19 years or so (the beginning of the ES contract in 1998) so I need to stay with TS, but want to be a TOS certified developer if that is possible.

Hi Jimmy.

I think you can, in Multicharts, load the data from TradeStation an execute the orders in IB. Perhaps it helps you until next software improvement.



Thanks for that. Yes you can use TS data in MultiCharts (I have a number of life time licenses, but the issue is that I don’t want to open up a third real account to monitor. More capital at risk and more transaction delay when you take data from TS, run it into MC and then finally trade at IB. I think this can easily be handled by C2 if they want to.


Hello Jimmy,

You can connect any type of TS account using PlatformTransmit, no matter it is Sim or Live. However we cannot validate a TS live account yet and give TOS certification. Not an easy task…

Let me discuss internally before any promises…

Great suggestion! Noted.

Hi Lorant,
As I’ve mentioned earlier in another thread, I’ve been getting alot of delay from the time my signal trades in my TradeStation account to the time the trade occurs in my IB account via C2 and Platform Transmit (the same time it shows up on the C2 dashboard page). Up to 30 seconds, which in some instances has led to the profit being mostly eaten up by slippage in a fast market.

Could this delay be because I’m way over in Sweden (europe)? Is there any way we can do some tests? Let me know via my private email and we’ll see. Thanks!

Yes, I already sent you an email (Thursday 23:13). Please reply and/or contact me directly on skype:

We will find why your orders are not synced real-time.

Got it now. Had your customer support resend it.
BTW, couldn’t find you under algotrader_lorant. Did find you under lorant_algotrader :blush:

:smiley: Correct…
Apologies, I misstyped.

We released a new PT.TS9 plugin with a fixed and improved auto-updater feature.

I’d like to ask everybody who use PT for TS to uninstall all versions prior 1.0.2 and download / re-install the latest plugin using the links below:


This way we can keep all versions updated automatically and avoid old, non compatible issues.

Thank you!