C2 Signal Entry API (Reversals)

MK: The C2 API manual states that the syntax for reversals is:

?cmd=reverse&symbol=EURUSD …

and that the reversal-related parameters are:

Here are the reversal-related parameters you can use:

cmd=reverse (required)

symbol=SYMBOL (required)

triggerprice=price (optional)

duration=DAY/GTC (optional; will be GTC unless specified)

quant=new opening quant (optional; use only if you want your final position to be a quantity different than your prior quantity; if not specified, you will go from long to short, or short to long, using the same quantity of position before the reversal).


Is there a parameter for the signalid and password - which one would logically expect - when placing reversal orders? The description in the manual is unclear.


Problem resolved!


I’m looking for the solution as well. Would you please provide a full string if you have got the answer?

Many Thanks,

Yes, sorry for the slow reply, and for the lack of clarity. You do indeed need to include the &systemid and &password parameters to make the command work.

Thanks Matthew. Is it possible to show me more details?

For instance, I’m going to long @ESU3 with a profit target 1690, and after it reach 1690, I would like to short @ESU3. How can I do that? Is it possible to provide me an example of reversal order?

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