New API Feature: Reverse Position

If you use the C2 API to enter trades into C2, please be aware there is a new function you can use: reverse. As the name implies, the function allows you to reverse a position from long to short or short to long (either at the prevailing market price, or at a trigger price you specify) with one call to the API.

More details are available in the API doc, reachable via the left-side menu bar (towards the bottom, follow link that says “API”), or through:


Schould something like this work matthew? do I understand it correct?“xxx”&pw=“xxx”&instrument=future&symbol=@EUH6&duration=day

Right. No quotes around the password and systemid, of course.

That command which you proposed will simply reverse, at the market, from long to short (or short to long).


tnx…I will change the code this weekend, cause now the systems are running, but thanks for making this.