C2 stress test. Isn't it time?

@MatthewKlein @FrancisGingras
Matthew, Francis, with the bigger ambitions that C2 has shown recently (e.g. Scout Alpha, allowing external capital, significant increase in marketing spend, etc) I am wondering what steps you are planing to ensure that the tech platform is rock solid and incidents like what happened last week won’t happened again.

I do understand that you have now implemented a fix for that type of incident, but surely there can be others. Given C2 ambitions it would seem appropriate to have the entire tech setup (data feed, redundancies, autosynch technology, etc) stressed test for unforeseen circumstances rather then operating on a trial and error bases.

Right now it looks like this:
Major issue ==> clients lose lots of money ==> apply fix

I believe C2 has ambitions to become a truly professional platform hence the #1 priority should be to ensure that clients money are safe and treated with utmost respect. Unfortunately, this does not seem the case today. If C2 loses clients trust on this aspect no amount of marketing effort will ever payback.

Matthew, please let us know if you are planning for a third party review of C2 technology aimed at identifying loopholes, and potential failure points as part of C2 expansion plans.
With live subscriptions to 19 different systems I am showing great trust in your company but in order to continue to remain a client I need to feel safe. Right now, I don’t.

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Hi, Manuel - Thanks for the feedback. We’ll definitely work towards the direction you seek.