Well done C2 during a volatile environment!

We usually complain about system failures… well done in this case to Matthew and team for navigating Trumpageddon without systems glitches in a highly volatile environment.

Please, keep focusing on system reliability as a priority.



What a rare feedback! :smile:

People tend to write only when they have trouble, but they don’t share their positive experience at all. That’s not really fair!

C2 team is working days, weeks, months even years on every detail to provide a world class service for everybody, and one motivation is customer satisfaction.

Thanks for the time and energy!

And keep up your positive behavior :wink:

Yes, Great platform. Kudos to the Team

Thank you in the name of C2 Team!


Nine months and nothing to complain, from my developer side :ok_hand:

Thank you to Matthew and all the team!

Paolo Geronazzo

Woow Paolo,

So our “common baby” is boring :wink: Thank you for your feedback!

I hope many many others has the same experience as well! Waiting for their feedback as well…

2017 will be the best C2 year ever! I know! And everybody will understand me later, why I was so sure about.

I am really excited, can’t wait…

Agree, no issues with my model executing on C2 for my subscribers, given the volatility.


Thanks Amarish!

I am proud to hear that :wink: