Looking for a partner for marketting a system


Peter, I would be open to the idea of a partnership for marketing a system. I believe my program has one of the better records on C2. Can you give more detail on what you’re looking for?-- Brad

Bradley - Forgive me of barging in here and getting off the subject matter. Your system had an incredible performance spike lately and given the fact that it has been around for such a long time it has a fantastic annual return. My question is, were you able to stick with the system for the whole time during the years of underperformance? If so congratulations. I assume that no subscriber was able to do that but please correct me if I am wrong - Karl

Karl, I have made some additions to the timing model in the last 6 to 12 months but the basic foundation of the program has remained intact throughout. I believe the longevity is mainly attributed to sound technical analysis principles. I don’t worry about subscribers, they come and go as they please, I just try to be as honest and forthright with people as I can.- Brad

Hi Bradley, do you have an email?

I would like to discuse the details outside of c2 posting.

Please contact me at flashgordon1222@yahoo.com and we can discuse in more details.