C2 synchronization issues


I’m connecting to the C2ATI myself using a TESTCLIENT. Ideally you could add a parameter to the latestsigs command to force it to give back all new signals, regardless of what C2 thinks my current position is (due to me sending acks when my real brokerage gets filled). Until then…

I read the “Synchronization Layer” portion of your C2ATI documentation. The first paragraph is ambiguous as to whether requestsystemsync returns

* “what does C2 think MY current real position is”

* OR “what should be my position given position in the C2 hypothetical account"

After writing a lot of unnecessary code, I realized that it’s the second choice, so that doesn’t help me.

Also the documentation claims “we now also allow you to tell Collective2 about modifications to these positions”. But I see no such methods explained in the Synchronization Layer”. Maybe you need to update the PDF? The document I have is dated June 27, 2007.