C2 TS Tray Application

I set up everything for the tradestaion C2 link, correctly, I think. Strategy just create a BTO in TradeStaion @23:00 GMT but nothing appears on my C2 trade screen for that system. There seems to be a problem of communication between TS amd C2.

What am I doing wrong?

Email me:

1) Screenshot of your c2tray preferences window

2) Your tradestation workspace name

I changed everything into “lower case”. It still doesn’t work. Is there anyway for me to program my systems using the C2 code and API?

I might need some help thou…

Many many people are using c2tray successfully, Francesco. Let’s try to get to the root of the problem. Send me a private email with the following:

What system do you think should have received your signals?

When (ET US)?

Send me your c2tslog.txt file (in your C: drive).

Tell me exactly how your TradeStation workspace is named.

Send to: matthew@collective2.com